64744 T/19 1000W 230V GX9.5 20X1 OSRAM DIMPLE


Product family features: Operation at mains voltage: 120 V | 230 V | 240 V. Color temperature: 3,000 K (with longer lifespan). Color temperature: 3,200 K (for professional film and TV work). Areas of application: Professional film and TV work. Theater and concert stages. Entertainment.

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Technical data

Item conditionNew
CategoriesStudio, projection, photo lamps
Country of originCN
Lamp power1000.000 W
Luminous flux20500.000 lm
Colour temperature3000.000 K
Total length110.000 mm
Diameter26.000 mm
Lamp voltage230.000 V

Packing details

Packing level 14008321554833

Other Technical data

Light centre height43000.000 mm
Luminous intensity0.000 cd
Burning positionS90
Length of arc0.000 mm
Filament shapeBiplane
Filament length0.000 mm
Reflector diameter26.000 mm
Cool beamNo
Lamp Power



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