6605 10W G4 6V 1CT/10X10F


Philips is one of the leading companies in lighting fixtures production. Philips Bulbs has prov themselves in the lighting market as a high quality and ergy effective product. Philips Bulbs is a guarantee of a stable and high-quality work in all conditions. Phillips LED lighting is used to illuminate famous world buildings such as the Empire State Building, London Eye Brigde, the hotel Marina Bay Sands, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the Sydney Opera House. At this momt Philips company solutions covers 65% of the largest airports, 30% of hospitals, 35% of cars, 55% of football stadiums and 30% offices over the world. Philips LED bulbs have a pleasant white light and long working life. Philips Halog daylight bulb gives a bright, natural light, and is shaped like a traditional incandesct lamp. Philips ergy saving light bulb excudes with lower electricity bills and incredibly long life.

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Technical data

Item conditionNew
CategoriesStudio, projection, photo lamps
Country of originNL
Harmonized System Code8539 2198 00
Lamp power10 W
Luminous flux145 lm
Colour temperature2700 K
Total length31 mm
Diameter9 mm
Lamp voltage6.000 V

Packing details

Packing level 18711500410092


Product data sheet

Product data sheet for energy label

Other Technical data

Light centre height19.5 mm
Luminous intensity0 cd
Burning positionAny
Length of arc0 mm
Filament shapeMono-plane
Filament length0.5 mm
Reflector diameter8.8 mm
Cool beamYes
Lamp Power



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